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Delay y Reverb

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  • Brand: Digitech

    When you want reverb you don’t always want the SAME reverb. DigiTech knows you need options and we deliver the X-Series DigiVerb. An impressive total of 7 reverbs that include Room, Plate, Hall, Church, Gated, Reverse, and Spring will give you all the options you need to breathe new life into your tone. To further tweak your sound, DigiTech provided an EQ knob so you can fine tune your tone.

    As always you can count on quality of construction as well as tone. The DigiVerb pedal is housed in a rugged metal chassis and offers dual outputs for either mono or stereo operation.

    $7.098 $6.033
  • Brand: Digitech

    El ambiente de DigiTechSupernatural Reverb ofrece una amplia paleta de modos de reverberacion, incluyendo shimmer, plate, plate Mod, Shimmer, Supernova, shine y Pherb guitarristas y musicos. El pedal puede ser utilizado en estereo o mono.

    $12.774 $10.858